• Updated as of May 25

Sponsorship Funding uses:

Alliance Mobility Solutions

  • All the initial Maintenance, all fluid changes and spark plugs: $238.86
  • Upcoming Registration costs for race #2 in May: $168
  • Gas Costs for that race weekend: $200
  • Kill switches/tow hooks/convex mirror: $97.10
  • Window Nets and Required Hardware: $210.55
  • Engine and Exhaust tune (+ 20hp, faster shifts and better powerband use): $756
  • Stud seat kit, wheel spacers, shipping + customs so our lightweight race rims fit properly and to help dad work on the car easier: $426
  • Of course the help with hand controls!

Audi Kelowna

  • Bookmarked $168 of it for race entry cost for race weekend #3 in June
  • 25mm Rear sway bar + end links: $414
  • Poly bushing sets: $368
  • Fireproof socks and safety compliant gloves (my old ones weren’t sfi/5): $108
  • And of course the help with the DSG service and inspection

KSW Lawyers

  • Our first set of lightweight race rims and tires (our wheel sponsor gave us these at cost): $1896
  • 2 piece fireproof racing suit: $574
  • HANS Device (Head and neck safety device, prevents neck injuries): $760
  • A new lightweight lithium ion battery, saved us 50lbs in weight: $357
  • bookmarked $168 for our race entry cost for race weekend #4 later in the year
  • Race rated in-car fire extinguisher with multiple nozzles and interior + exterior pull cords (Necessary to be allowed to race, and an essential piece of safety for me as im pretty slow getting out of the car in an emergency considering the roll cage): $560
  • I paid the last $1000 of the roll cage bill from your sponsorship payment
  • Around $100 in spare parts, specialized audi tools, and emergency repair equipment like high strength tape, oil and coolant, etc.

Rom Houtstra RomRealty

  • Race transponder to be included in the race series’ timing system: $330.40
  • Registration costs for race #1: $168
  • Sheet metal, brackets, welding rods, various screws and supplies to finish several smaller projects, including exhaust: $158.33
  • 2022 Race license application: $50
  • Dashcam,  stewards require us to record the races: $93
  • Gas costs for test sessions and first race weekend: $196
  • bulk pack of ear plugs: $4