Feb 17 Car and Parts update

Current state of the roll cage, with the race seat mounted and dash out for the moment

This has been an exciting week in terms of parts orders and arriving and planning. There is a 2 week delay at VelocityAP getting their welder going, they only have the door bars left to do, so while they wait for that we took the car back to work on some stuff.

Projects ready to go during these two weeks: More weight removal, Mount the wide rear view mirror, battery box + kill switches, labelling decals, livery + some sponsorship decals, tow hooks, brake rotor resurfacing, designing exhaust, designing pedal block off (so rileys feet don’t slide under pedals – safer than strapping his legs in further re: emergency egress), race brake pad install + brake fluid flush with race fluid.

Suspension Bushings are on their way, our first set of race rims and tires are on the way (245/35/18 Continental ExtremeContact Sport + Motegi Traklite 3.0 rims), and some more driver gear like fireproof socks and gloves and HANS anchors are on their way.

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